Milk TearsNadia Sarwarhttp://www.froufrouu.com/2014/08/milk-tears.html
Eloy Morales “in pursuit of Bryan Jones”, 2010, oil on panel. 160x160 cm


Artist & Sculptor:

Bartek Elsner

"The Heart"

(via glassmenagerie)


Paul Cocksedge - Auditorium (2012)

Artist’s statement:

"What’s always intrigued me about spider webs isn’t just their beauty and symmetry, but the process itself. The process of weaving, from virtually nothing, that only stops at a moment of fullness, of completion.

Auditorium has given me a chance to work with things that on the surface seem mutually exclusive: open/shut, inside/outside, solid/ transparent. The partition marks the auditorium’s border, but what defines that border is that you can see and hear and even reach through it.”

James Jean - Sasha (with string), Mixed Media in Moleskine, 8 x 10.5”, 2008.Source: http://iconolo.gy/archive/james-jeans-analysis-sasha-grey-explicit/205

I’m not here
Antoniszograf fazujący (a machine scraping out 24 film frames on a reel) - Julian Antoniszczak (Antonisz)Source: http://www.2plus3d.pl/artykuly/jak-dziala-jamniczek

Kostas Sahpazis, ’Let Nina simone Rule The World’, 2009.
Todd Eberlehttp://toddeberle.com
spotted at http://butdoesitfloat.com/
Phase - Mother Earth, 1968
by Nobuo Sekinefrom: article ‘Nobuo Sekine’s “Phase - Mother Earth” Under Reconstruction’ by Ashley Rawlings